Annual Fund goals

Our Annual Fund chairs have set a couple of goals for our 20th Reunion giving:

Class Participation by Number – Our goal is to have 89 classmates give something to the college this year.  Even $1 would help! As of April 19 our current total of classmates who have made a donation is 40, which is approximately 18% participation for our class.

Class Participation by Total Amount – Our goal is to raise enough to fund three $15,000 financial aid scholarships for a total of $45,000. We already have $23,940.50 in this category, but we still have a long way to go.

Merion Scholarships are one-year student scholarships that are underwritten by a gift of $15,000. Donors at the Merion Scholarship level receive reports on the Merion Scholars supported by their gifts, and those students are encouraged to write personal letters to the donors. Donors also have the opportunity to meet with scholarship recipients at special events organized by the Development Office.

The May Day Class Color challenge will be kicking into gear from April 22 to May 1; help the BLUE classes win the evens tug of war while also contributing to our own class’ goals!

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